Welcome to the San Francisco Chapter of YWTF!

Thank you for visiting our page! We are currently on a hiatus from meeting and executing against defined focuses. However, if you are interested in kicking the chapter back up or want to hear more, please feel free to reach out at ywtf.sf@gmail.com.

About Us

We believe in the power of smart, strong, dedicated women who want to make a difference. The Young Women’s Task Force was founded to give young women an outlet to harness this power to make a substantive impact on their communities.

Here at YWTF – SF we want to bring passionate young women together to talk about issues, take action in the community, and have a lot of fun along the way. Each 6 moidea cloudnths we focus on an issue affecting women in the San Francisco Bay Area. We believe the people best equipped to identify opportunities to improve the Bay Area are the ones living in it – so we want to hear from you.

In each 6 month focus we will hold meetups, activities and fundraisers, and one culminating Impact Event. The meetups are a chance for us to get together to talk about issues, whether that’s over drinks at bars around the city or in the park on a Sunday afternoon. We will have speakers and or non profits come in to talk about their work, but mostly this is a chance for women to get together and share their experiences and thoughts. Or perhaps just meet new people and discover a great new happy hour spot.

Our fundraisers are activityAcitivty flow diagram graphic based and aim to bring women together for a fun activity while raising money to fund our Impact Event. Fundraising can be more fun than bake sales  – so we will partner with some of the fan favorite spots around the city to
put on great events that bring in money and allow our members (and their friends) to have some fun.

Each focus culminates in our Impact Event. These events aim at addressing an issue we see in the community. Often we will partner with existing non profits or other AAUW branches – giving more opportunity to meet with passionate and active women in the SF Bay Area. We want these events to have a profound impact on the lives of women in our community. To do that we will need the talent, knowledge and drive of the brilliant professional women in our group.


A Note From The President


Thank you for coming to our site. If you made it here because you are looking for a way to positively affect your community – welcome to the club!

On this site you’ll learn a little more about YWTF in San Francisco: what we do, how we do it, and why we love it. To give you a better sense of who we are, let me tell you a bit about how this started:

At the beginning of 2016, Camilla, Katie and I got together to start YWTF because we wanted to give back and have an impact on women in our community. We had all independently tried to find places to give back and help in San Francisco- places that really could use our skills, but didn’t require a full time job commitment. We struggled to find ways to  raise our hand and say “how can I help,” like we had in college. After countless conversations with our friends that reflected the same frustration, we decided to do something.

So we got together to form YWTF- SF. YWTF was established in 2004, and became part of the American Association of Women (AAUW) in 2013. YWTF was built to do exactly what we hoped to accomplish – find awesome young women and get them together to make a difference. If an organization is looking to bring together accomplished, bright, driven individuals, what better place to do it than San Francisco? 

We are just getting this chapter off the ground – and we are so excited about the future. But we will need your help to really make this a reality. If you are interested in learning more about our organization and what we have planned, please check out the rest of the website, as well as our twitter and facebook accounts. And if you would like to stay in touch with us, please send your email to ywtf.sf@gmail.com. We would love to hear a little bit about you, and what you are hoping to get out of YWTF.

Can’t wait to hear what you have to say!
Sarah Bolmer

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