The Board

CEO: Sarah Bolmer

sarah headshot

Sarah Bolmer is CEO and co-founder of the San Francisco Branch of the Younger Women’s Task Force. She and her 2 co-founders established the branch as a platform for young women to address the issues they are passionate about solving in their communities.Sarah firmly believes in the power of smart, strong, and driven women who have fun helping others. She hopes that the SF chapter will bring these women together to do more than they could ever do alone.

Sarah graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering. She is an engineer for DuPont Industrial Biosciences. With her work in science and engineering she is passionate about getting more young women into STEM fields, and inspiring the next generation of brilliant scientists to change the world. Sarah lives in the Inner Sunset, and in her spare time enjoys cooking, coaching basketball, and watching all manner of Stanford and Bay Area sports.

COO: Camilla Boyer

Camilla Headshot

Camilla Boyer is COO and co-founder of the San Francisco chapter of YWTF. She believes that smart, passionate women in San Francisco have huge potential to impact the causes they care about by giving a little of their time or resources, and cumulatively making a big difference. Women’s issues Camilla is passionate about include equal opportunities, access to education, and sexual health.

Camilla is originally from London, UK, and graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology.  She is currently a Product Marketer at Salesforce, having spent a couple of years at Twitter. Camilla lives in Cow Hollow and in her spare time can be found drawing, hiking, climbing, and talking politics.

CFO: Katie Riklin

Katie Riklin is tkatie headshothe CFO and co-founder of the Younger Women’s Task Force San Francisco chapter. She is excited to have the chance to join forces with bright and passionate women across the bay area to drive change in their communities and beyond, focusing on issues including women’s health and education.

Katie grew up in London but now calls San Francisco home having graduated from Stanford with a degree in Human Biology. She works in biotech at a company called Invitae, and in her spare time enjoys sailing, skiing, traveling and cooking.

Steering Committee

Nora Carroll, VP Non-Profit Partnerships
Coordinates communication with prospective and current non-profit partners. Manages partnership details and member/non-profit interactions.

Catharine Haak, VP Internal Development
Focus on building internal community within YWTF-SF. Chairs committees dedicated to planning internal events driving conversations and organization culture.

Cali Martin, VP Outreach
Champion growing the reach and impact of our organization. Manages recruitment and new member integration

Rachel Cutter, VP Fundraising
Chair of the fundraising committee. Manages fundraising efforts and events.

Deepa Mensinkai, VP Events
Chair of event committee. Manages event schedule and plans events in concert with non-profit partnership and internal development committees.

As we expand YWTF-SF we will be incorporating more leadership positions to meet our needs. YWTF-SF members with ideas for new leadership opportunities, please bring them forward!