Non-profit Partnership Kickoff: Techbridge, 1/17/17, 6PM


  • What: Partnership Kickoff with Techbridge CEO. Hear about our partnership and sign up to get involved!
  • When: Tuesday, January 17th, 6pm
  • Where: LinkedIn Offices @ 222 2nd Street
Hear From Nikole Collins – Puri, CEO of Techbridge

For over a decade, Techbridge has been setting girls off into a lifetime of learning and excitement about science, technology, and engineering. Nikole will talk to us about Techbridge’s vision for increasing the number of women in STEM and changing young women’s perspective of the science and technology field through time and efforts in systematic restructuring of after-school programs and education for young women in grades 5-12.

Whats in store for the partnership

We will be working with Techbridge over next 6 months. At the Event, the Techbridge CEO, Nikole Collins-Puri, and our VP of Non-Profit Partnerships, Nora Carroll, will announce several volunteer opportunities, including:

  • Volunteering for upcoming field trips for the Techbridge girls at our members science and tech companies in the city
  • Training for YWTF members to become Techbridge Role Models
  • A pro bono marketing project to inform Techbridge’s marketing strategy as the nonprofit re-positions itself in the marketplace

Come to the event to hear more and sign up to get involved!

There will be refreshments, and as always this is a great opportunity to meet other YWTF members and amazing people in the Bay Area. This event is open to anyone interested in hearing more about Techbridge, YWTF, or getting involved – so feel free to bring friends and colleagues. Please RSVP on our Facebook Event Page

Cocktails and Convos: Women in STEM, 11/3/16, 6:30PM

We are hosting our first Cocktails and Convos Thrusday, 11/3/16 at 6:30PM at HeavyBit in SanFrancisco.  We are hosting  Aubrey Blanche, Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Atlassian, for an talk about the kinds of bias women may experience in the workplace, and hear about actionable strategies to interrupt them. Aubrey will cover topics ranging from navigating meetings to performance reviews and salary negotiations. The talk is meant to be informal and interactive, so bring your questions and thoughts.

This event is also an amazing opportunity to meet a wide variety of women and hear about what’s important to YWTF – SF. Join us!

RSVP at our Eventbrite

aubrey-blanche_audience aubrey-blanche_mingle

Younger Womens Task Force Launch: 9/22/16, 6:30 PM

Younger Women’s Task Force is launching in San Francisco!

Come join us to for good drinks, great company, and to learn more about YWTF-SF as we celebrate the start of something big Thursday September 22nd, 6:30PM, at 111 Minna.

Here at YWTF – SF we want to bring passionate young women together, share our skills, and take action in the community. We believe in the power of smart, strong, dedicated women who want to make a difference. The Younger Women’s Task Force was founded to give young women an outlet to harness this power to make a substantive impact on their communities.

– Why: We know there are a lot of young women like us in SF: ambitious, busy, want to get involved, but only have a little bit of time and a little bit of money. This group is building from the ground up- you’re welcome to contribute as much or as little as you can!
– What: A group of smart, dedicated women who want to work together to make a difference in the causes we care about. We are a group by women for women.
– How: Every 6 months we partner with a non profit affecting change on an issue we care about. Through meetups, activities, and a culminating Impact Event, we will bring the YWTF- SF community together around a cause. Meetups are a chance for us to get together and meet other women taking the Bay Area by storm. The Impact Event is our opportunity to make a difference and will take whatever form fits our cause, our nonprofit partners, and our members.

By coming to this event, you support women across San Francisco. There is no commitment to join, just a commitment to have a good time! See you there!


Founders Launch Meeting: 7/14/2016

Prospective founders meeting will bring together the initial members of YWTF-SF to discuss the launch and future direction of the organization. Very excited to hear what this amazing group of young women come up with as we approach our full organization launch.

Stay tuned for city wide launch in August!



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